Becoming a Travel Influencer is Easier Than It Seems

01 August 2022 09:00
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There's hardly a person that hasn't had the dream of traveling the world, documenting their experiences, and getting paid for it. Nowadays, the closest they get to this dream is through social media. But even then, posting travel pictures will only just get you a couple of likes at most, unless you’re a real social media influencer. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, among others, don’t start paying their users unless they have a ridiculously large following, narrowing your chances to become a travel influencer on these platforms.

As the world slowly starts to open up again, travel restrictions are gradually getting lifted, and people are itching to get back out there and do some exploring. But what if there was a chance for you to travel, set up your own tour to share your experiences with others, gain a following, and get paid each time you take a user on a virtual adventure?

All of the above is possible with Social Bee Adventures App, a new app designed to boost the travel industry and get people moving. If you’re not convinced just yet, let’s learn more about why you should download it today.

Explore the City

Ever had a distant relative or a friend from a different city or country visit you and wanted you to show them around? Although you may know your city by heart, there might be some hidden gems that may not be so easy to spot or you look over them because you’re too busy with your day-to-day.

Being a tourist in your own city allows you to find these hot spots and live (or re-live) new fun stories. Social Bee allows you to immortalize these experiences by creating tours where you can share these places and activities with people looking to visit your area—think of it as city marketing if you wish. It’s a win-win for both ends; you lead the experience and other users don’t miss out on fun and memorable activities in your area.

Gain More Followers

Ever wanted a platform where not only can people live vicariously through your pictures and videos, but also experience the same feelings and view the same sights you’ve felt and seen?

On Social Bee, after you’ve created a tour, users can go through our app and run the self-guided tour you’ve provided. The more unique and fun you create your experience, the more following you’ll gain as more and more users discover your tours. Think of it as being a travel influencer—you tell people where to go, what to do, and what they must see! Users are following you—for your unique perspective and tips!

Get Paid!

Ah, we saved the best for last! With Social Bee, you make a profit of anywhere from 50%-80% of the fee for every time a user goes on your virtual tour. The payout varies depending on your popularity and experience. So really, if you create more and more tours (practice makes perfect), your profit percentage can only go up.

Social Bee encourages users to discover cities (remember Pokemon Go?) and learn new fun facts, history, and overall get the most out of their visits by tours made by locals.

If you love your city and want to support local businesses, share these hidden gems! Download the app, create your tour, and start spreading the word!