How To Create a Scavenger Hunt Using Augmented Reality

19 September 2022 09:00

Self-guided tours have noticeably gained popularity with countless recent developments affecting how people explore, interact, and travel nowadays. The increasing adoption of virtual technologies such as augmented reality (AR) has made it easy for tour guides to build and market innovative elements within tours to build greater engagement, gain a following, and ultimately profit. But these benefits aren’t just for large corporations and travel agencies to reap.

Social Bee adventures offers various interactive elements and gamification options on their app to make self-guided tours even more interesting for tourists looking for a local experience while visiting their favorite city. One of the many ways you, as a content creator, can make a unique experience for your following is by building a scavenger hunt tour leveraging AR and your creativity.

But how exactly can you build a scavenger hunt tour using AR, and why should you consider it? Let’s take a look.

Identify the Purpose

Remember when we were little and used to go treasure hunting, or even when we would run around looking for Easter bunnies and eggs with their delicious chocolate rewards? The whole point of a scavenger hunt is to hide treasure, and then create fun and clever clues that lead all participants to the race of finding the treasure.

What if we take this idea from the playgrounds and school gardens out in the big city? While we walk around our neighborhood or even downtown, we often come across trendy restaurants, bars, or parks— and we call these hidden gems. Well, why not lead tourists and visitors to these hidden gems or perhaps the best beer in town, best burger, or maybe even best vegan spot?

The beauty of building your own scavenger hunt is that you are able to guide these users to these hidden gems, while they’re learning and taking in the whole ‘local experience’ from the clues you provide them. This means that the journey is fun, and the end is even more rewarding.

Leveraging AR for Scavenger Hunts

Gone are the days when we used little pieces of paper to leave clues behind and lead friends to our following clues and treasures. Especially when talking about enhancing a self-guided tour, AR is there to help build and provide valuable information within the clues we choose to leave.

QR codes, bringing images to life, and providing fun facts or riddles to crack — AR helps users follow a specific path or timeline by visualizing the journey itself. Plus, the added layer of fun quizzes or puzzles can make the experience even more engaging.

An example of an AR Scavenger hunt is Skriðuklaustur, which guides visitors through this Icelandic historical site from the 16th century. With just an app, players can enjoy treasure-hunt-style features and quiz games that lead to clues and rewards as part of the actual exhibition.

Why Should You Consider Scavenger Hunts?

Perhaps we didn’t understand the benefits when we were little, but scavenger hunts made us concentrate, think, and learn to be able to get to the final destination or treasure. We were fully immersed and engaged with the game.

Now, we can translate this to how content creators can build a following and work towards a greater good with our AR technology in their self-guided tours. These scavenger hunts are entirely customizable and can be unique for everyone:

  • If you’re looking to become the next travel influencer, the clues within your hunt can help create buzz for an upcoming tour so that your followers can always be on the lookout to consume them.
  • You can gamify the experience and set prize categories to motivate and encourage your followers to complete the scavenger hunt.
  • You can bring visitors’ attention to a local initiative such as a fundraiser or community event and raise awareness about important local issues.
  • Lastly, you can educate tourists about your city and create long-lasting bonds and relationships with them, ensuring that your tour will be hard to forget.

The possibilities are endless and are more of a reflection of how you want to make your city be known for the treasure it is. If you’d like more information or want to get started with your own scavenger hunt tour, download Social Bee Adventures and contact us.