How to Create a Self Guided Tour and Make Money

01 November 2022 09:00

The pandemic stopped the tourism industry completely in its tracks and continues to change the way people travel—61% of people think large crowds are a negative aspect of travel. Self-guided tours are booming at a time when keeping distance from others is the safest option. A self-guided tour is a good choice when there’s a popular established way of traveling through a specific region, like the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

Social Bee is an app that utilizes augmented reality (AR) in the tourism industry. With the app, users can either create or go on self-guided tours created by other users. Tour guides can build step-by-step tours, as well as other fun activities like scavenger hunts that revolve around AR. Social Bee Adventures also has a ton of cool tools to use like trivia, photos, and videos, as well as audio activities. The app allows creators to build step-by-step tours, scavenger hunts, and all-around adventures in augmented reality that consumers can then consume, for a fee or for free."

Creating self-guided tours is a wonderful way to earn a little extra money on the side. Lots of people enjoy being a tour guide as a way to supplement their existing income when they need it most. Tourists are now using self-guided virtual tours because the comfort and ease of having everything already organized takes away the stress of planning a vacation. Self-guided tours are easy to use individually or with groups. Self guided tours offer the benefit of extra support and experience of a guide, without the large group of people, time constraints and offer more flexibility in explorations.

How You Can Create Your Own Tour

With apps like Social Bee, creatives and users can benefit from self-guided tours through augmented reality (AR), exploring new places and making money simultaneously. Social Bee is easy to use, both for tourists and tour guides. Social Bee helps connect tourists and locals and is full of useful information such as tips, trivia, photos, videos, or audio categories.

The gamification of tourism using an app is unique to Social Bee, where tourists can go on self-guided tours that tour guides have created. Creating a unique tour experience will bring more users to your tour and bring in more cash. Social Bee also draws in users with its gamification of the tourism industry. For example, each activity on the tour is worth points, the app uses leaderboards, encouraging users to dig deep, leaning into the activities, and learning along the way. Tourists will never forget the special experience of using AR to explore your city.

Be Your Own Boss

Self-employment is also a huge draw to creating self-guided tours for others to use. Running your own company means being in charge of your own schedule and management. This allows the freedom to book more tours when in need of more cash flow and fewer tours when you don’t have the time or need them. Being your own boss means ultimate autonomy.

Creating your own business also means doing something you love. Becoming a digital tour guide is a great way to do enjoyable and simple tourism work. Making AR tours can also broaden your creative horizons, as there are many ways to use your talents to create memorable tours with Social Bee.

Another great advantage of being a tour guide in the digital age is the flexibility of work locations. Traveling for work is easy in the tourism industry, but with apps like Social Bee, it’s just as easy to make a living as a tour guide from the safety and comfort of your home. You can also save time and money on your commute to work this way!

As the pandemic continues to change the landscape of the tourism industry, tech-savvy tour guides can make this new industry work for them. By staying ahead of the curve, tourism entrepreneurs that utilize these apps to make engaging and COVID safe tours will find economic success. Download Social Bee today and start creating unique experiences for people visiting your city!