How To Engage And Inspire Your Followers Using The Social Bee App

06 April 2023 08:00

At Social Bee, we've pulled together every ounce of creativity in our department to ensure that our app is the most engaging and user-friendly augmented reality solution for creators looking to expand and deepen their connection with their following.

While the follower count you hold for your brand is essential, how engaged those on the receiving end of your content should be your top priority.

A colossal following is useless if they aren't engaged enough to comment, share your content, or click through external or affiliate links you post.

Expanding the relationship with your audience helps set you apart from the competition and creates a more meaningful connection to the community.

Social Bee is an app that allows you to connect with your audience deeper by offering creators the chance to provide tailor-made tours to fans abroad in foreign cities.

So what does Social Bee have that sets us apart from the rest?

Create A Fun Photo Challenge!

In ye olden days, one would have to go very far out their way to verify a scavenger hunt they've embarked on has authentically and honestly been completed at the sight of others vouching.

However, with the Social Bee app, this process is done instantly through machine learning, which will verify that the photo of a cup of coffee is exactly that; a cup of coffee!

But how exactly can a photo challenge benefit the creator, is what you may be thinking?

Well, people love to be challenged, and exercising such human need is the perfect way to heighten your engagement levels with your audience and keep them interested in your brand and the content you're working tirelessly to put out there.

For example, an individual may go through museums or aquariums and barely interact with the display information right before them. Of course, what is in front of them is interesting—but how engaged are they with it?

For the most part, this is because the info has not been presented in an engaging way that grabs the viewer's attention and says, 'HEY, LOOK RIGHT HERE. HAVE SOME FUN AND READ THIS.'

Our photo challenge is a way to utilize the gamification aspects of Social Bee and gets your audience to dive deeper by adding a personal touch.

Offer A Unique Video Tour!

Serena Williams only needed to create her Central Park virtual guided tour once. But to fans, this is accessible for an entire lifetime.

On holiday in New York City, if someone chooses to take a walk through Central Park with Serena, it instantly makes an unforgettable experience for her fans. Central Park will inevitably become associated with their favorite tennis star!

Why not offer your audience the same experience? Sharing personalized tours helps people get to know a creator more in-depth and personally, while also exploring a new place, and making meaningful connections and memories.

By creating a customizable and unique video-guided tour for your audience, they will forever carry the memories associated with you tied to that specific day or destination.

With our AI-driven video tour, it's almost like you're standing beside them. Have a favorite bar? Let's go for a drink together and have a chat about a crazy night I had here once! Got an area of the park that's a hidden gem? Let's go for a walk together!

Play A Game Of Trivia!

There's a reason why the classic 'Pub Quiz' is still one of the most popular things to do with friends! People love a challenge and even more so, being right!

So much so that studies have shown that being correct provides a massive hit of dopamine and adrenaline.  Follow up points of interest with a trivia challenge to ensure your audience stays engaged throughout your guided tour.

No matter how funny or entertaining you are, after a while, your audience’s attention will naturally tend to wander. The average human attention span is decreasing as the years gone on, now only being 8.5 seconds. This is for the most part due to technological advancements being so available to us everywhere we look. So, the traditional ways of keeping one engaged (primarily by just talking their ear off) will not cut it!

By utilizing prompts to move further in the tour after a short or long speech about a specific location or point of interest, you're grabbing back your audience's attention.

Engagement is the ultimate way to keep your fans closely following your brand or you as an influencer!

By inspiring them to dive deeper into your brand with a fun photo challenge, or virtual your, you set yourself apart from other creators by showing your audience that you value their loyalty so much that you're prepared to come on holiday and be right there beside them!

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