How to Make More Money From Your Guided Tour

14 August 2022 09:00
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From business giants to smaller market players, virtually everyone is now betting on virtual transformation to drive revenue. And as remote work is here to stay, they are learning to reap the benefits of apps, digital tools, and resources of any sort.

Travel—the industry that took the biggest hit of all—is no exception to this digital adoption. With apps like Social Bee, creatives and users can benefit from self-guided tours through augmented reality (AR), exploring new places and making money at the same time.

Getting started with Social Bee is simple and allows you to get people interested in your city’s unique experiences. Let’s take a look at how exactly Social Bee helps grow your revenue stream and why you should be excited about it.

Make Your Tour Unique

As visitors slowly start to roll in, they seek new adventures, sights, and experiences—finally going outside after spending almost a year and a half indoors. As a local, your mission is to share all the hidden gems, with the ultimate aim of helping visitors create live-long memories through places or activities they would otherwise be unlikely to find on their own.

Unique tours are far more appealing and enticing to tourists, letting them live the local experience by seeing another side of the destination. Through Social Bee, activities can either be indoors or outdoors and can fall under tips, trivia, photo, video, or audio categories, giving you many tools to help make your tour stand out.

As a creator, you can also capture a visitor’s attention by gamifying the experience through leaderboards, encouraging users to dig deep, leaning into the activities and learning along the way. All of the above will allow you to deliver the most unique tours available on the market only through Social Bee.

Invite Others to Join the Platform

Much like on any other social media app, cool and unique content is meant to be shared. Get visitors excited about their upcoming visit by showing off your very own Social Bee tours through your social media platforms.

We’ve all been there: While planning a visit to a new place, we usually start creating a bucket list of places and things to do in town. You can help make this easier for those foreign to your city and give them the real local experience. This way your tours will gain popularity and you’ll become one of Social Bee’s very own influencers—the go-to account that users flock to whenever they want to explore your city!

Create More Tours to Gain a Following

Do you know how many artists and celebrities have their signature touch or look? For example, Steven Tyler from Aerosmith has his scarves, John Lennon had his famous circle glasses, and Matthew McConaughey is known for his iconic “alright, alright, alright”.

You too can gain a following by adding that personal unique touch to your Social Bee guided tours. Maybe you know all the best breweries and can start a Social Bee famous beer tour or maybe you have a knack for hiking – the possibilities are endless. The more tours you create, the more users can start following and the more popular you’ll be-not to mention the more money you’ll make.

There’s never been a better time to truly take advantage of this digital era, so don’t think twice. Download the app, create your tours, and start building your revenue!