How to Use Social Bee to Create Tours

01 December 2022 09:00

You wave at your favorite barista at your local coffee shop as you walk in and sit at your table, and excitement builds inside of you as you know you’re about to drink one of the best coffees in town. You know your way around the city and have been through so many coffee shops you can’t even count them. And yet, you still come back to this one since their coffee is unmatched, and the desserts are to die for.

You recommend it to all of your friends visiting, and they all leave with at least one bag of coffee to take back home. You’ve been spreading the word to those around you, but what if you could reach even more people, make money while you do so, and help your favorite coffee shop grow?

Social Bee is for people just like you, wanting to share hidden gems and the passion for your city. It connects visitors with locals who create self-guided tours for everyone to enjoy, creating unique and authentic memories and adventures – the local experience.

Let’s dive into how you can leverage Social Bee to create local tours, grow a following, and make money – all from one app.

The Local Experience

When visiting a new city, we usually plan ahead. This means listing all the must-do’s in the destination. However, most touristy places are cramped with visitors, and sometimes we barely get to hear the tour guide, leaving us wanting to learn more about the landmark, the art, and the culture behind it.

As a local tour guide on Social Bee, you can decide what you want to highlight and how to do it, making your experiences even more engaging. For example, let’s say that you’re walking down the main road in your town and come across your favorite local food restaurant. All you have to do is pin it on the app as a point of interest so that anyone walking by can just check it out. You can add a brief description of the place with your own personal experience or dish recommendations and even gamify this by adding a trivia question to help visitors learn more about their stop.

With your content, you can guide travelers step by step into making the ultimate (and famous) New York hotdog or properly serving the Cuban coffee in Miami, giving them a personalized local experience.

Grow Your Audience

Choosing your hot spots and uploading them on the app is just one step of creating an engaging tour, but how do you get visitors interested, coming back for more, and recommending it to their friends as well?

Social Bee offers a variety of interactive elements, from trivia questions to scavenger hunts and photo videos that provide an immersive experience for tourists.

You can create indoor and outdoor activities just by scanning items or buildings and adding an activity to share information and fun facts. You can tag them by categories: pet-friendly, foodies, sightseeing, and family fun, among others, and have visitors and app users subscribe to your tours and follow you wherever you go.

Making Money With Social Bee

One of the great things about Social Bee is that you can make money off your self-guided tours just by uploading your content, sharing it, and gaining followers interested in the experiences.

Your audience can purchase your tour and consume it time and time again, learning at their own pace and without navigating through a sea of people to experience fun and local activities.

The future of the travel industry lies within augmented reality (AR) and how apps like Social Bee can offer memorable events that keep people connected and engaged. It’s really easy to start creating your tours. All you have to do is download the app or contact us today.