Leverage AR to Enhance Your Miami Tours

12 December 2022 09:00

Known mainly for its white sandy beaches and its colorful, Latin-influenced culture, Miami is definitely one of the most visited cities in the world. Even during Covid times, bookings in Miami consistently exceeded those tracked in the last normal, non-covid year. This proves that whether it’s spring break, winter, or just a weekend getaway, Miami is one of the top destinations in the United States.

With so many visitors and tourists, there are endless tour offerings across the city. Tour guides and agencies often struggle to break through the clutter to attract and retain new clientele. In the same way, visitors have trouble finding unique tours that will give them the ultimate local experience.

Augmented Reality (AR) opens the doors to never-ending possibilities, making it easier to connect and engage with tourists looking for new adventures. Let’s dive deeper into how you can leverage AR to enhance your Miami tours.

A Self-Guided Wynwood Walls Graffiti Tour

Known as the art district in Miami, Wynwood is home to one of the largest street art collections in the country. With the help of AR, visitors can immerse themselves in the heritage and culture of the city.

As a guide, you can add detailed descriptions or share the stories of the local artists who express their dreams and hopes in even the most mundane areas of the city. From lifesize murals to graffiti quotes, help bring life to these iconic street artists by sharing their concepts, ideas, processes, and backstories with your tours.

An AR Brewery Tour

Over the last couple of years, the South Miami craft beer scene has grown to over two dozen brewery houses and gained a reputation for sours, a unique type of brew with a subtle, yet noticeable citrusy and sour flavor. With the sunny, hot Miami weather, it’s hard to resist a cold one which is why the brewery scene in the city has become quite the talk.

While wandering Miami in search of top breweries, you can serve as a helping hand to guide visitors towards the best beer bottle. AR has the power to enhance users’ experience and perceptions through what they see, hear, and in this case, taste. Add an exciting digital layer by incorporating trivia questions, ingredients, and concept stories to your favorite beer’s description. You can also go as far as to gamifying the beer-hopping experience with a scavenger hunt, to help users find the most creative, tasty, and attractive breweries in the region. An AR brewery tour turns every exploration adventurous and playful for each tourist.

Enhance the Local Dining Experience

Miami is a melting pot of cultures, but one surely stands out—and for a good reason! There’s a strong Cuban influence in Miami, making Cuban coffee, or “cafecito” a must-do for breakfast, accompanied by their famous Cubanos sandwiches and “croquetas”.

As a creator, you can treat your foodie users by not only recommending hidden gems all over the city but also by providing a detailed guide on how to serve and make the famous Cuban “cafecito” and other dishes and traditional meals in the area. This will help each visitor experience the city like a local and completely immerse themselves in Miamian culture.

As the tourism industry continues to recover from the pandemic, it’s pertinent that guides and agencies take this time to up their game in their tour offerings to stand out against the many guided tours in the market. If you’re interested in taking that one step closer to revolutionizing your tour adventures, download our app and learn more about how Social Bee helps leverage AR in your tours.