Make Seattle Sightseeing Tours Unforgettable with AR

16 January 2023 09:00

Anyone who earns their living in the Seattle tourist industry knows that standing out from the many tour and experience offerings is no easy feat. More than that, tourism took a hard hit during the pandemic, and customers’ trust must now be regained slowly but unerringly.

Luckily, new technologies, and most notably augmented reality, have brought about far-reaching innovations that will alter sightseeing and traveling for good. AR brings sweetened value to the discovery of sights, tours, and monuments by adding a digital component to the real world—offering an enriching, new perspective on all kinds of places.

In this blog, tour guides and creators will learn how to make tours more exciting and eventful with the help of AR. Let's discover the Seattle bucket list with an entirely unique, augmented perspective.

An AR Seattle Wine Tour

With more than 900 wineries across the state, Washington is the second-largest producer of premium wine in the United States. That’s why every year, plenty of tourists come to Seattle to experience a tasting of the region’s most delicious grape selections.

Augmented reality helps guides gain that competitive edge next to other wine tour offerings. Through digital taste descriptions, videos, varying impressions of the picturesque vineyard regions, and fascinating historical facts, visitors can enjoy a unique and highly informative experience.

Already in the wine cellar, imagine the wine tasters using their phones to scan each bottle with their smartphone and find out which grape they’d like to try, their pricing, and special offers. In the end, each tour participant gets the chance to experience an individually customized journey, learning about the process of wine production on their own.

Gamify Your Walking Tour in Seattle’s Old Center

Full of beautiful sights, such as the Seattle Underground, the famous Space Needle building, or the scenic 19th-century Richardson Romanesque building on Pioneer Square, tourists in Seattle can really feast their eyes at the most significant monuments in the city center.

On discovery walking tours, augmented reality can serve as a helping hand to guide tour participants through the city. By adding another exciting, digital layer to the fact, AR has the power to enhance people's perceptions of what they see and experience. With their camera viewfinder, tourists can digitally discover interesting facts and historical figures about the various buildings, plazas, and sights.

When creating a walking tour, as a creator you can add trivia questions or a Pokémon-Go-like scavenger hunt. Gamified sightseeing makes an average tour into a playful exploration for each tourist.

Enhancing the Food and Dining Experience

If there’s one attraction that every tourist should experience in Seattle, it's the Pike Place Market, one of the USA’s longest-running farmer’s markets. In the competitive dining world, your goal is to create a culinary adventure for participants.

Now, when it comes to food, augmented reality is a real treat. As a traveler, it can be challenging to get oversight and find what you are looking for when there’s such a variety of food choices on offer.

As a creator, especially if you’re a foodie, you can help tourists get the most out of their dining experience by going the extra mile and not only recommending hidden local gems but also providing 360-views of different dishes and specify the ingredients. This will help each visitor search for their delicacy of choice and discover nearby cafés, bars, and restaurants.

A Deep Dive Into History and Culture

Discovering local art, culture, and history is among Seattle's most popular tourist adventures. To rise above the crowds and make your cultural tour stand out, you should enhance the visits to the city’s landmarks.

Let’s look at some virtual design options for a tour through the Modern Museum of Pop Culture. With AR, you can use videos, infoboxes, and audio guides to give visitors profound background information about the exhibited art pieces. Instead of being crammed in a group of twenty people, each visitor can go on their custom tour, from a local’s perspective.

As the tourism industry continues to open up for travelers all over the world, it’s the perfect time to up your game and offer unique tour experiences. Are you ready to revolutionize travel experiences as a creator? Download the Social Bee App and make boring tourist tours a stunning adventure for everyone.