Solo Travel: 8 Tips For Traveling Alone This Spring Break

06 March 2023 09:00
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What’s the number one misconception about solo travel? That it’s lonely! Over here at SocialBee, we don’t believe traveling alone means being lonely.

Approximately 1.5 million students travel during spring break each year, and post-covid, those numbers are unlikely to drop. However, many people may not have friends to travel with and can feel nervous about traveling solo for the first time.

But there’s no need to miss out on an adventure! There’s lots of tips and tricks for meeting new people, and many ways to enjoy your alone time, too. The majority of travelers now use smartphones, and augmented reality (AR) apps like SocialBee help them get the most out of their new surroundings with interactive tours.

Google searches for solo travel have quadrupled since April 2020, so it’s safe to say the popularity of solo travel is on the rise. With the freedom to travel reinstated after the worst of the pandemic, more people than ever want to take a vacation and make up for the time they lost during quarantine.

Take advantage of the good vibes out there this spring break and seek out the new experiences you’ve been dreaming about.

If you’re feeling the wanderlust, check out our eight tips for solo travel and go it alone instead.

    1. Read the reviews. Whether you’re booking a day tour or a few nights in a hostel, their reviews are an excellent place to start to gauge what the atmosphere will be. Although not always perfect—beware of reviews from people that have yet to finish their experience—reviews can give insight into what you’ll be getting.
  • Do your research!
      Want to chill out, or are you looking for a party? Look up the location and check the local news. Don't forget to check your government's travel website too for information and guidance. Likewise, if you’re unsure whether it’s ethical to swim with whale sharks or not, reading the debate about baiting them and looking into the details of the tour will aid your decision.
  • Consider overland travel.
      Traveling overland is not only better for the environment, it’s a great way to meet people too. Going via bus or train also means going more slowly, with pitstops along the way, giving you more time to engage in conversation with people.
  • Be open to conversation.
      One of the best reasons for traveling solo is the motivation it gives you to talk to people from all around the world. Always be friendly and conversational to the point you are comfortable with, just remember it’s also ok to politely excuse yourself.
  • Set yourself missions.
      Having a goal to achieve or a mission to accomplish while on your travels will give you a sense of purpose and something to talk about with your on-the-road companions. Why not set yourself the challenge of completing an AR tour? Or better yet—stay home and create an AR tour in your home city!
  • Think communal.
      Staying in hostel dorm rooms and eating in canteen-like establishments will help you naturally interact with more people. Part of the joy of traveling is not knowing who you’re going to meet. Thinking communally from the outset means you’ll be more open to engaging in these interactions with other travelers, and who knows where things could lead?
  • Think local.
      Travel is often defined by its transitory nature, and with limited time available, many vacations are jammed-packed with destinations and tours. When you are in a place, try to visit the same convenience store or breakfast spot for as long as you’re there. Introducing an element of regularity into your travels will help ground you and is a fantastic opportunity to get to know some locals.
  • Put your safety first.
    Spring break is all about the party, which there’s no need to miss out on—even if you’re traveling alone. Text a friend or family member your plans for the evening, and make sure you check in with them the next day. Even if they’re not with you, keeping up this correspondence will help ensure you have a safety net in place and can give your loved ones piece of mind.

Setting off for spring break? Check out AR tours for your destination.