You’re A.I. Tour Guide

Tour Operators Social Bee

Social Bee drives more sales, and allows operators to offer their tours in 26+ languages, all while engaging customers in fun challenges with a leaderboard for the competitive.

  • Sb Icon Exposure

    Gain exposure and sales.

    Easy 1 click mobile sales.

  • Sb Icon Promotion

    Promotion and free advertising.

    Leverage the content your customers create to deliver awareness on all social channels.

  • Sb Icon Engage

    Engage your customers.

    Use Social Bee as the companion app to your experiences keeping guests engaged.

  • Sb Contest

    Gamified experiences.

    Social Bee’s companion app can gamify your experience which is fun for families, groups and more.

  • Sb Icon Ar

    Augmented reality.

    Fully augmented reality experiences will be up-sell opportunities for consumers.

  • Sb Icon Nonhosted

    A non-hosted option.

    Ever had an idea for an experience, but it doesn't make cents to man and market it? With Social Bee you can create and monetize non-hosted experiences.

  • Sb Icon Multilingual

    Reach your customers in any language.

    Socail Bee’s Al translates your experience to 26+ languages opening up more potential buyers.

Make your experience available on the Social Bee platform.

Together, we can increase the exposure of available experiences. The functionality and technology of Social Bee with make these experiences one of a kind.

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